We help you make the best use of YOUR time (Part 1 - 10 reasons why you need Spillane Consulting in

At the end of the day, YOUR time is your most valuable asset, so you need to be using it wisely!

Ask yourself the following questions:​

  • Are you looking to grow your business but still trying to do EVERYTHING yourself as you’re worried that if you let something go, you will lose control of it?

  • Is your business growing faster than you anticipated and as a result you are struggling to keep on top of things?

  • Are you doing admin work or marketing tasks that someone else might do much better and/or quicker?

  • Are you spending time looking for information you’ve stored in different places that someone else could pull together for you?

  • Are you doing routine admin tasks you don’t enjoy?

  • Do you have a firm idea of your own hourly rate? Is it more than £25-£30 per hour?

  • Are you doing work that could be outsourced to a reliable, skilled professional for £25-£30 per hour and allow you more hours for work you can charge out at a higher rate?

If your answer to any of these questions is 'yes', or you're feeling overwhelmed just thinking about it, read on...

To get clear about your reality, audit how you spend your time

If you're not clear about where you’re spending your time (or even if you think you are clear, notice that things can slip!), we would encourage you to do an audit. If you’ve been pootling along for some time feeling as if you’re a bit lost in the business day-to-day ‘busyness’, saying things like ‘I really need to block out this much time to do x,y,z’ and never quite getting around to it (!) this might throw up some surprises for you and help you identify potential areas for outsourcing. This exercise can be as simple as keeping a pen and paper with you and simply recording what you’re doing throughout the day, or if you’re more into your tech, you could use free versions of time tracking software such as Toggl (which we use) or My Hours.

Your time is precious

Few people go into business to spend all their time doing admin (unless of course it’s your core business, as it is ours - we love it!), but of course it is a necessary part of running any business and there’s no getting away from that. In an ideal world as business owners, we'd see a good balance between delivering client work, time spent networking (whether virtually or physically) and marketing, time spent dealing with business admin, and time spent on business development; but often things get squeezed by the need to keep on top of routine, every day tasks. If too much of your time is being squeezed by these routine tasks, and there's no time left for working 'on' your business, it's time to take action.

So how can Spillane Consulting help?

We have lots of capacity within our growing team to support you and your business with your marketing and administration, and also the capacity to grow with you if necessary. Take a look at our Services page to get a flavour of the kind of things we can handle for you.

We love to get things done, to help clients become more efficient through streamlining processes and systems, and ultimately to help them achieve their business (and personal) goals.

We appreciate outsourcing might feel like a big, and possibly quite uncomfortable, step - we get that - but if something needs to 'give', it might be time to take the first step and book in for a FREE no obligation 30-minute consultation to explore what it is in particular that we might help you with that will save you valuable time in a cost-effective way.

Ps. There’s a whole other blog on what it is to truly work ON your business rather than IN it, but we’ll save that for a later date...

Pps. Part 2 - It’s cost-effective (coming soon).

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