We 'get' where you're at (Part 3 - 10 reasons why you need Spillane Consulting in your l

We have a business-to-business relationship with our clients - we are a team made up of small business owners, and we understand the pressures you face on a day-to-day basis.

We understand what it's like to juggle the admin, the marketing, the client work, the business development, the networking, the self-care and friends/family time!

We know what it's like to face big decisions about our businesses, to make mistakes and turn them into learning opportunities, to deliver at the busiest times, to have times where we have to just dig deep and get through it. We also, however, know the importance of seeking support when needed and each of us knows the true value of outsourcing.

This perspective positions us well in terms of responding to and meeting your business support needs appropriately beyond handling your routine work for you:

  • We can lend a good ear when you just need to get something off your chest (occasional rants permitted!).

  • We can be a great sounding board for new ideas - our input is valued highly by our clients, and we often pick up 'can I just run something by you...?' -type requests and messages. We become trusted confidants.

  • Having worked with numerous businesses at various stages of development and growth, we're experienced in quickly assessing what needs to be done and how.

The sole traders we've worked with have reported that they feel so much less isolated having someone who just 'gets it' working with them.

These are all value-added benefits to having a member of the Spillane Consulting team working alongside you.

Interested in finding out more about how we work? Book in for a free (no-obligation) 30-minute discovery call to see how we can help you with your business support requirements.

Part 4 - 'We can help you with your overwhelm' coming soon…

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