We can help you with your overwhelm (Part 4 - 10 reasons why you need Spillane Consulting in your li

When you're trying to be all departments in your business: IT, Marketing, Finance, HR, Estates and of course Director, it can leave little time for actually delivering core business and even less time (unless you're really good at blocking time out and sticking to it) for self-care and leisure time. This will inevitably lead to overwhelm at some point, no matter how much energy or passion you have for your business.

We often first hear from clients when they have either reached the point of overwhelm and can see quite clearly that working without support is not sustainable; or they have been doing too much themselves for too long already, feel overwhelmed on a regular basis, worry about letting parts of their business go or affording the right support (see 'it's cost-effective'), and finally concede defeat.

We also hear from clients who are making plans to grow their business and can see quite clearly that in order to do that effectively, they will need to outsource some work to trusted others in order to to be able to focus on their business development.

Wherever you are on the scale of 'overwhelmed-ness' (new word?!), we can work with you to make things more manageable on an ongoing basis.

Identifying what you need to outsource needn't be too difficult. Essentially, if a particular task, process or project:

  • Takes too much time

  • Is something you hate doing

  • Doesn’t need your expertise

  • Needs expertise that you don’t have

then you should look to outsource it.

Yes it can feel scary to begin with to 'let go' and realistically there will be some upfront investment in handover and clarifying expectations and processes, but it can be a fantastic investment and you'll wonder why you didn't do this ages ago! Our client testimonials speak for themselves...

'...my business has seen a complete turnabout in productivity and sales. I now have a carefully managed (email) list, a detailed customer management database, a website offering rich content that is regularly updated and a real presence on social media...'

Take a look at the range of services that we offer, and if anything jumps off the page at you, or you're in a position where you think you need to outsource something but not sure where to start, we'd love to hear from you. We can start small with picking up a simple task for you and use it as a trial if you're still feeling tentative - it needn't be a case of outsourcing lots of things at once - we have a range of flexible options. We also have a deal running throughout November (work must be commissioned by 30th November in order to qualify) for 5 hours' worth of business support for £100.

Book in now for a no-obligation 30 minute chat about how we can help you deal with your overwhelm with practical support.

Part 5 - 'We can help you improve your efficiency' coming soon...

Giving you access to the best business support in Bristol.

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