It's cost-effective (Part 2 - 10 reasons why you need Spillane Consulting in your life)

When you outsource work to us, you are outsourcing to a team of small business owners who manage their own affairs, which means you'll find...

You'll have no recruitment overheads

As Director of Spillane Consulting, I function as a Business Admin Manager/Account Manager and will be your main point of contact for any work we undertake for you. I work closely with you, the business owner, to identify what your support needs are and to then match the skills/expertise we have within our team to ensure you get the right fit for your business.

There'll be no surprise costs

With a business-to-business contract put in place ahead of work starting, costs and terms are clearly laid out from the outset.

You'll have no business overheads

We cover our own:

  • IT and phone costs - e.g. broadband, mobile, laptop, software etc.

  • Office space and furniture (*unless you require us to spend some time working alongside you in your office from time to time)

  • Public Liabiliity and Professional Indemnity Insurance

  • Contracts – we have appropriate legal agreements in place to share so you don’t need to draw up your own

  • Tax/NI

  • Pensions

  • Holiday pay

  • Sick pay

You only pay for the hours you need

Not every business needs a full-time or part-time employee - a lot can be done within a limited number of (very focused) hours each month. We agree upfront the time you are likely to need to buy out for your support requirements and work within those hours. Currently our most popular package is our monthly retainer package, where our clients have peace of mind that they have x number of hours disposable to them over the course of a month and this tends to roll over from month to month as they enjoy the benefits of only paying for the hours they need. If the work a client need doing looks like it may take longer than the time retained for a particular month, we forewarn our clients so they can take a decision about whether or not the work is a priority for delivery that month, and/or so they are clear about what they need to budget to cover it. We also offer short-term and ad hoc support - see Packages for further information.

You'll get access to a highly skilled team who can get things done quickly

Our team members come from a diverse range of sectors, are all highly experienced and have a diverse skill-set - see our Experience page for more information. Every member of the Spillane Consulting team enjoys the flexibility that Virtual Assistant/business support work gives us - we are happy, healthy and highly productive as a result - research suggests that flexible working boosts productivity and we are wholeheartedly in agreement! If your business needs increase as you find your business growing, we can respond to that by increasing capacity from within the team.

We can provide cover if needed

Another upside of having access to a team is that we can provide reasonable cover for holidays within the team so even when the Virtual Assistant who usually does your work is taking a break, someone else can pick up and respond on their behalf.

If this cost-effective approach to bringing in staff resource appeals to you, we would love to hear from you – just book in for a 30 minute FREE discovery call.

Part 3 - We ‘get’ where you’re at coming soon…

Giving you access to the best business support in Bristol.

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