We can grow with you (Part 10 - 10 reasons why you need Spillane Consulting in your life)

Are you a sole trader or very small team in business growth mode? Are things really taking off, and much quicker than you'd first anticipated? Know you need help but you're time poor and feel unable to start a recruitment process to bring the right support in, aware that you may need more than one person?

Are you nervous about, or perhaps not financially stable enough yet, to take on employed staff? Not sure about taking on interns or apprentices? We can offer a different solution...

We are perfectly positioned to support you as and when you need it. You might start out needing a few hours' ongoing business support per month, but then realise you need either more hours, or help with specific projects on an ad hoc basis.

Here are just a few reasons our model might be right for you:

  • Sole trader Virtual Assistants may be unable to give you more time if they're already at capacity.

  • We can look within our team to increase staff resource as you need it.

  • You benefit from getting further help from an organisation who already has experience of working with your business, rather than having to go out looking elsewhere and start a whole process of engagement all over again.

  • We can also look to bring in the right skills for each piece of work you need doing, by tapping into our fantastic team of Associates, who all come with their unique sets of skills and a wide range of experience.

  • Our agreements are flexible and clear, so you're not tied in to long-term arrangements (unless you want to be).

  • We can supply contractual paperwork so that's one less thing for you to worry about.

  • You don't need to think about holiday or sick pay, or covering tax and NI - we manage this ourselves.

As Director, I operate as Account Manager for each contract we hold and therefore as a single, main point of contact for our clients (except in circumstances where the nature work dictates that the Associate should have day-to-day contact, but I would still maintain an overview). This allows me to get a really good insight into how each of our clients operate their businesses and to match the right skills and experience to the support they need to take their business plans forward.

Does this sound like a compelling solution for you? If so, please book in for a FREE no obligation chat, where we can explore potential support options.

Giving you access to the best business support in Bristol.

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