We can support you with implementing your exit strategy (Part 9 - 10 reasons why you need Spillane C

It might not be something that's immediately on the horizon, but if you're an SME looking to one day sell your business, it makes perfect sense to organise and keep on top of critical information as part of your exit strategy. While we are not legal experts, nor accountants (and will never claim to be), and those professionals will of course be of utmost importance if you are considering selling up, we can help you with some of the practicalities of organising your data and information so that it's available in the right form, useful and easily accessible for when the time comes.

Of course, good Management Information is key to both sustaining and growing a business so whatever your business plans for the future, having it to hand at a glance can be invaluable at any point in time, not just if you're thinking of selling.

For anyone considering selling their business, however, here's a list of things we'd suggest would be useful to be able to obtain evidence of quickly:

- good management information (high level overview, but with options to drill down into more detail easily)

- a complete list of clients

- clear descriptions of products or services

- evidence of success

- clear processes

- a consistent and up to date online presence

- a lasting legacy.

Is there anything else you'd add to this list?

To discuss this, or any other business support requirements you may have, please book in for a FREE 30 MINUTE (no obligation) call. We'd love to hear from you.

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