We can help you to become more efficient (Part 5 - 10 reasons why you need Spillane Consulting in yo

Do you have all your ducks in a row?

If the answer's no, you are likely operating in a reactive way most of the time, which means you're probably not working at your most productive. If you're not being productive, it goes without saying that your business is not going to be as profitable as it could be.

We can take a look at the systems and processes you have in place with a view to saving you time and (either directly, or indirectly) making you more money. Here are a few common issues we come across and some of the ways we can provide solutions:

  • Clients storing the same information in multiple places when they needn't be (we can look to consolidate information, or to review systems in use to look for a better one)

  • Clients working with CRM and/or Finance systems they set up when they were much smaller but which are no longer fit-for-purpose and they've not had the time to upgrade or re-work (we can look into new online systems, or create a management information database that gives you meaningful information at a glance to help with business planning and monitoring)

  • Clients sending out similar information to their customers on a regular basis, but recreating the content from scratch each time (we can help you produce templates to give out information commonly required at key points in the customer journey, or we can carry out some of those communications on your behalf).

If there's a hack to be found that will help you save time and work more efficiently, we'll work with you to find it and offer practical support to get a solution in place...whether it's a change in or upgrade to a system or systems to make your business information work better for you, a tweak to a process that's not quite slick enough, a new app that will save you a heap of time or give a better impression to customers, or simply involves a change of habit (e.g. blocking out time for certain activities where possible).

Interested in finding out more about how we work? Book in for a free (no-obligation) 30-minute discovery call to see how we can help you with your business support requirements.

Part 6 - 'We can provide you with useful insights' coming soon…

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