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As a small business owner who 'gets it', Director Emma Spillane has worked with other small business owners and independent professionals to make their lives easier by meeting their particular business support needs for the past 8 years. As well as being highly organised, and with a strong background and specialist knowledge in the areas of Education, Psychology (particularly in Children's Mental Health and Developmental Trauma) and Music, Emma is keen to make a real difference to the lives of those she works with. 

She also delivers ad hoc open training sessions for education staff in attachment and trauma, is an independent foster panel member for TACT, and is a vocal performer (see Other Services).

In order to keep up with demand, Emma now regularly engages a growing team of Associates to ensure that clients continue to get the seamless, high quality administrative and flexible business support they need at any given time in order to thrive and serve their clients to the very best of their ability.

So, what might you gain from working with Spillane Consulting?

  • Specialist knowledge and experience in particular within the fields of education, mental health and music.

  • A safe pair of hands to deal with the admin things you're less comfortable with, or to get you through a particularly busy time of the year.

  • Professional back-up in terms of someone who can pick up and deal with messages while you are away, or with clients, as they are familiar with your business. 

  • A team of multi-skilled professionals who can evolve and grow with you.

  • A single point of contact - our Director (Emma) acts as Account Manager for your business support.

  • Increased focus and input to business planning, monitoring and review.

  • More free time to truly work 'on' your business rather than 'in' it. 

  • The opportunity to deliver projects that you’ve been putting off.

Our core values are centred around professionalism, integrity, passion, delivery and approachability. 


Spillane Consulting has been fortunate to work with the following organisations in a number of capacities (from business support and management to training and consultancy) to date:

We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).


Spillane Consulting 

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