My revised Sanity Saver Schedule in case of lock down (what a difference a week and a half makes!)

When I wrote my last blog, we were at the beginning of a week where information about the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic was gathering pace, but schools were still very much open for business as usual, and we didn't have any particular restrictions in place - in fact, I think most advice was around hand washing and self-isolating in case of having a cough or a fever. Fast forward a week and a half, and schools are closed to most, restaurants, cafes and shops other than supermarkets (in the main) are closed and our freedom of movement is restricted to one form of exercise out and about per day and travelling only to shops, pharmacies etc. for essentials. Deaths are mounting up, our won

What might your 'Sanity Saver Schedule' look like in case of a lock down?

This weekend I've been working on this - our family lock down plan (might call it the Spillane Sanity Saver Schedule...) - so that something is in place if (when?) we end up needing to lock down. School is still open here in South Gloucestershire and I am feeling grateful to be able to crack on with work while my husband still has a job to go to and the kids are being educated and well looked after, but if the news is anything to go by, then we'll be joining other regions and countries soon enough, it's just a case of when... When so much feels out of our control, it’s important to work on those things we can control – this definitely helps for me anyway. Planning for all eventualities is wh

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