Getting the RIGHT person to provide you with business support as a professional working with trauma

I work with small businesses from all sectors; but with extensive experience, strengths and in-depth knowledge of working in Trauma and Mental Health, I am very aware of the unique challenges for professionals working in this space when it comes to accessing support to make them more effective in their roles. It can feel very uncomfortable allowing someone to access your administration when you are dealing with highly sensitive data, potentially vulnerable individuals and their concerned families. The right fit is essential. Here are 6 questions that professionals working with trauma might consider posing when looking for the right back office support… 1. Can they manage sensitive data both

Guest blogs - attachment, trauma and education

I've written a number of guest blogs in the past couple of years relating to adoption and education, and figured links to the articles should have a space somewhere on my own website, so here they are... April 2019 What is Pupil Premium Plus funding and how can it be used to support vulnerable pupils? December 2018 'Tis the season to be triggered... February 2018 Attachment & Trauma - Why you need to know about it

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